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Deepdarkmidnight put up a clip from the "Best of and Outtakes" of the Chrolli vlog.  Apparently after one vlog post was finished, Thore and Jo hugged and almost kissed.  I guess they'd done it in character so many times, they were on automatic for showing affection that way.  It took them a moment to realize they weren't in character right then, then Jo asked, "What was that?" and cracked up.  Thore cracked up, too.  Well, a camera was still on.  It was really funny, but it was also cool to see that they're that physically comfortable with each other.  By Deepdarkmidnight's count -- he counts by scenes -- Christian and Olli have kissed over a hundred times.  The actors must be incredibly used to it.  They still manage to portray a sweet and sensual affection between Christian and Olli when they're actually in character.

Added: That seemed to be the vlog that went up just before they went to New York, when they would have been over that hundred mark, and kissed a couple of times in the vlog, except that those kisses were probably in the script.  I think they say that in character they'll give each other affectionate touches that aren't always scripted.  Since Christian came out, and when Christian and Olli are their usual happy couple selves, they make it pretty clear that they're lovers.  They've got such great chemistry.

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