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And again I should go to sleep soon, but I got caught up in reading Avengers and Avengers-related graphic novels.

Later: I spent a large part of the day out in the yard, working on plants.  I went out in the morning and planted the bleeding heart root by the hostas and astilbes.  I ended up planting the 'Hawkeye Belle' rose in that area also, but closer to the "herb garden" that has some herbs and lots of other things.  The 'Hyperion' and "lemon lily" daylily (Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus) that I got this spring and are towards the back of that section with the 'Uchida' lilies and 'Winter Sunset' rose look like they're doing a lot better now that they're getting much more sunlight.

The 'Hawkeye Belle' rose should also get a lot more sunlight than it would have before I cut down several large and tall Tatarian honeysuckle shrubs that shaded that area from the north, and Dad and I cut off a couple of long-dead sassafras branches that were hidden by that thicket of Tatarian honeysuckle and weedy locust saplings and what have you.  The volunteer sweet shrub is still there, a little to the north of where those roses are.  I planted the mock orange there, too, right near the drainpipe that's on the north side of the house, in the northwest corner.  I'll see if that gets through the winter.  I should at least put hardware cloth around it, like I did when it was in the pot and something was eating the young shoots and leaves.

I planted the Sweet Williams in the main part of the herb garden.  They were just wee bits of roots and a suggestion of leaves by the time I planted them at 9:30 in the morning.  Leaves, mostly dry leaves, fell off when I unpacked them, and more leaves fell off when I tipped them out of the pot with the moist perlite and light soil in it.  The bleeding heart root seemed to arrive in much better shape than the one I got in the spring, and looked much the same as when it arrived Wednesday night when I took it out of that pot.  It had arrived fairly moist, but not waterlogged.

I planted the rose that's supposed to be the replacement 'Paul Neyron' rose near the back door, to the right as you come out the door.  It's also supposed to be mostly thornless, so if it lives and grows wider, it shouldn't be too much trouble.  I planted it with the one large live cane facing to the north.  It had a couple of small dead canes and a number of roots that came off when I unpacked it.  That arrived in a bag without holes, as "air is the enemy of rose roots."  I read that somewhere.  The rose was dryish, but not so much so that all of the roots had died.  I figured that if I put it in a pot of water on Wednesday evening, the roots would get a good soaking.  It still had a couple of small dead canes on the other side of the part above the graft.  I'd ended up putting a lot of top soil and garden soil in that section over the years.  I dug down to the subsoil, and then planted it with top soil mounded up around it up to the graft.  Then I put mulch around the rose.

I planted the 'Because She Served' rose by the west side of the house also, but more toward the middle of that side of the house than a corner, so I think it's located under a kitchen window.

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