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I should go to sleep soon.

Later: I did go to sleep soon after that.  I got up briefly in the night, and went back to sleep.  I got up again at 8-something a.m.

I went out and about on errands.  I went in the car with Mom when she had a quick doctor's appointment.  While Mom was in the building, I sat in the car and quietly read and figured out shopping stuff.  When she was done, we went to the library.  I found the books that were on my account as overdue on the shelves, and one of the circulation desk folks took them off my record.

With my library record clear, I took out a couple of Hawkeye graphic novels and assorted other Marvel characters graphic novels, mostly Avengers-related.

Some of the replacements for plants that died very shortly after arrival or turned out to be the wrong thing arrived shortly after dark.  I put the 'Paul Neyron' rose in water for overnight, the water just covering the roots.  I put perlite and water, and then a layer of cactus and orchid soil over that, in a pot that doesn't drain, and then put in the little Sweet William plants, and the bleeding heart root.  This time the bleeding heart root that I got seems to be alive.  The Sweet William plants that I got in the spring arrived waterlogged in their package.  This time, the little plants were rather dry, and losing leaves.  Hopefully a night in light, moist soil will help to give the roots some hydration.

Under the porch light, it looked like the 'Paul Neyron' rose had one thick live cane above the graft, and some thin dead canes.  Some of the roots of the understock were still attached to the plant, and some weren't.  I'll try to keep that cane of the cultivar alive this time.

I'll get replacements for the "Two-Tone" rose and the double pink fuchsia in the spring, as they weren't available in the fall.  I actually don't mind terribly about getting what's probably 'Peace' instead of what was probably going to be 'Double Delight,' since I got a 'Double Delight' rose on its own roots. 

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