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I should go to sleep very soon.

Later: I got some sleep.  I woke early for no apparent reason.

In the morning, I threw my gardening clothes on.  It was cold enough out that I could wear leather gloves and an old pair of jeans.  I went out with my new saw.  I sawed down the locust tree in the middle of the area of large shrubs and small trees way in the back of the backyard, and also thinned out the winter honeysuckle.  I was trying to only take the deadwood out of the winter honeysuckle, but some branches that turned out to be alive only had leaves at the very top of the branch.  I ended up cutting some of those down.

I cut a couple of large grapevines (wild grape) off near the bottom in that area, and tried to pull off grapevine in various places in that area.  I cut down a bit of the Tatarian honeysuckle near the neighbors' fence, and was able to pull out a good-sized dead branch that had fallen during a hurricane a couple of years ago.

Dad found me back there when he came back from his dentist appointment.  I think he was sort of impressed at what I'd managed to get done.  He said that Mom had thought that I'd gone back upstairs and was sleeping.  No, I wasn't metaphorically sawing wood.  Dad mentioned a bush with blue berries.  I went to look back in that wildest area of our yard.  I think that birds may have introduced a beautyberry plant or two into our backyard.  He talked about having lunch, but paused partway back the house to cut down a couple of small locust trees that were near the apple trees.

I took a break and warmed up frozen blintzes for lunch.  After that, I rested for a while.  While I rested, Dad worked on cutting up some of the locust tree branches I'd dragged out from the holly/quince tree/winter honeysuckle area so the branches would fit onto the nearest woodpile better. 

In the afternoon, I went back out.  This time I went back to the area by the sassafras trees, and cut down weedy locust trees (honey locust?  black locust?) and sawed off the remaining big trunk left from the Tatarian honeysuckle I was working on yesterday.  It turned out that that largest limb was supporting a relatively large branch from the larger Tatarian honeysuckle nearby.

Dad went out to the backyard to grill hot dogs, and seemed a little alarmed by the loud cracking noises he heard, from the very large branch of the higher honeysuckle breaking in half and dangling to the ground.  Once he had come over to see what was going on, and that the tree wasn't falling towards the house, he went back to the hot dogs.

I cleared out the branches from the smaller Tatarian honeysuckle, and then it was dinnertime.  I'll have to cut down the trunks of the larger Tatarian honeysuckle sometime tomorrow or over the weekend, especially the trunk that has that massive broken branch dangling.

My dream as far as the weedy trees are concerned is to cut down enough of them so I'm able to walk freely through the yard, especially the backyard, and into the former vegetable garden where some ferns I planted many years ago have naturalized. 

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