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I should go to bed at a relatively reasonable hour.  I have an appointment in the afternoon today.

Later: I didn't move especially fast, but I went out around noon and broke in the Fiskars gardening saw that I'd gotten a couple of weeks ago.  I sawed down the black walnut tree that was growing near the lilac bushes.  I sawed down several Tatarian honeysuckle and black(?) locust trees that were growing by the sassafras tree clump.

I'll work on more of the locust trees that are on the other side of the gravel path between the sassafras trees and the apple trees and pear tree.  I sawed down a couple of long-dead sassafras tree branches that were at a level that I could reach.  Most of the small trees/large shrubs that I sawed down had trunks that were an inch to two or three inches in diameter.  I can't lop through trunks that are two or three inches in diameter with a lopper, but it was very easy cutting through them with the saw.

I snipped a half-open flower from 'Hawkeye Belle.'  I didn't notice a scent, but it's a pretty shade of pink.  The colchicum is in full bloom.

I changed my appointment for today, that I expected to go to live, into a video appointment, and that was fine.  After that, I took a few wheelbarrowfuls of branches from the small trees I cut down, and carried the couple of larger dead sassafras tree branches I cut down, over to the nearest woodpile.  There's still quite a bit left for tomorrow, but I feel like it's doable.

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