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I should go to sleep soon.

Retrospectively: I went to sleep after I finished a long line editing job, and woke up a few times in the night.  I got up for the day around 9:30 a.m.

I managed to watch Fareed Zakaria GPS at the time that it aired in the morning.

I downloaded free (pre-1923 and out of copyright) books by Reginald Farrer, and read a little biography about him.  He had an interesting life once he got into exploring the world looking for new-to-Westerners (and beautiful) plants.  I didn't realize that Viburnum fragrans was one he'd brought back from Asia to the West.  I've enjoyed that one when visiting gardens, and enjoyed various hybrids of it at home.

I ended up napping in the afternoon, and then went out and planted the bag of gold-band lilies that I'd gotten from Dutch Bulbs the other day.  At least I didn't delay too long in planting them this time.  They had nice sets of roots, and the bulbs looked quite fresh.  After I planted them, I put top soil over the area, and around other areas where I'd been planting bulbs and flowers.  I completely rewrapped the chicken wire I'd had wrapped around that section of the "herb garden."

I put a good amount of topsoil around the base of the non-"Two-Tone" rose.  I'm attempting to cover up the area below the graft.  I'd planted it rather shallowly to start, then replanted it more shallowly yet when I dug up the Regal lily that came up from under it.  I want to have the graft totally covered before frost.

I'm glad I got an actual 'Double Delight' rose so that I will still have a rose that has that two-tone red and white effect.  That one is the named cultivar, and on its own roots.  Hopefully it will bloom next year.  That and 'Alec's Red' seemed to need some time to get their root systems established.  I put some of the topsoil around the 'Lord Mountbatten' rose that's in a pot.  That is also on its own roots, and is rather frighteningly vigorous, but it needed more soil at the top.  Dad discovered the other day that its roots had grown through the bottom of the pot and into the ground.  The chocolate-colored pot isn't the size of pot that takes 80 lbs. of potting soil to fill, but neither is it a small pot.  'Lord Mountbatten' just developed quite a large root system.

The 'Hawkeye Belle' rose has a bud showing color.  The color is pink.  'Sharifa Asma' also has buds, but they're still very small.  The flowers may open before the weather gets too cold for it.  I told Dad a couple of days ago that I had found the David Austin English roses to be surprisingly hardy for me.

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