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I conked out not long after midnight, which is early for me.

Later: Mom and I spent the morning going to two grocery stores.  I got a flu shot in the midst of that.  We were exhausted when we got home.

The spring-bloomimg crocus, grape hyacinths, and gold-band lilies arrived from Dutch bulbs.  I planted all of the Iris reticulata bulbs, and about a dozen each of the two different kinds of grape hyacinth.  Small achievements, but it was an achievement.

I worked on printing out the covers and a few relevant pages from the PDFs of each book in the Present-Day Gardening series.  The books were written and published in the early years of the twentieth century.  W.R. Dykes' explanations of types of natural hybrids of bearded irises and variations within the groups of irises that are close to certain species were enlightening.  I learned more about Iris pallida Dalmatica than I had known.  And I learned that Iris squalens was a range, too, the Squalens type, like various sorts of Iris germanica and Iris pallida have a certain range in appearance and color.

The book about tulips was quite interesting.  That was fortunate, because I ended up inadvertently printing out large sections of it.  I didn't have that particular book as a print book, so I wasn't rushing to stop the printing of a chapter here and a chapter there.  I was excited about the mentions of 'Prince of Austria,' and the picture of it.  There are eight colored plates in each book, and the alternate name for the series is Garden Flowers in Cfolor.  Ironically, the print on demand versions of the Iris book and the Pansies, Violets and Violas book that I got last year are in black and white, but they have links to the relevant PDFs.  

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