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interview with Dennis G. and Igor D. up

The interview some of us have been eagerly awaiting is up on AfterElton (  I can see why Anthony Langford said he had technical difficulties, because it was an audio interview with lots of background noise.  I'm having a hard time making out some of it.  Igor is doing his best to come up with the English words, and Dennis is very fluent in English, but sometimes speaks rapidly.  I don't think Igor's accent when he's speaking English is purely German.  It sounds like there's some Russian accent mixed in there, too.  Perhaps it's just that I'm reading into it, since, as far as I know, his first language is Russian.  Dennis has that mix of German and British accent when he's speaking English, which is cute, but different from the other German actors' accents.

I took a break about halfway through the interview.  I understood most of it, but really had to concentrate to hear over the crowd noise.  I commented a couple of times on AfterElton, and may comment more.  Hearing the interview really brought back memories of that weekend.  Dennis said that as a gay man, he was political, including about some of the directions Alles Was Zahlt went with the Deniz and Roman storylines.  It's not possible to get that political on the show itself, but you get the feeling that Dennis vividly expressed his views behind the scenes.  I also got the impression that Anthony was feeling some love for Dennis, but didn't we all?  Not that he didn't appreciate the other actors, but Dennis was something special.

Added: Eskimo Kiss Project put the interview up as well, with some filtering to try to get the audio of Anthony, Dennis and Igor a little better.  I listened to a little, and think perhaps I could make it out slightly better.  I'd love to see something of a transcript, because the guys had some really interesting things to say.  Also, I could swear that Dennis calls Igor "baby," in that British-German accent.

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