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I need to go to bed soon.

Later: I made it to work a little early.  I worked.  I stopped at a grocery store on my way home.  That was productive.

It's a nice day today.  As of the early evening of the 24th, I'm not sure what we'll do to celebrate my mother's birthday.  Since her favorite local restaurant of all closed, she's talking about picking up takeout from our favorite Chinese restaurant for her birthday dinner.  At least I got her a pretty card, one with a photo of a rose on the front.

In the afternoon, after I got home, I dug up several begonias.  I dug up pink ones with green leaves and white ones with bronze leaves from where the hostas and astilbes are, by the west side of the house, under the volunteer sweet shrub, near to the north side of the house and the clump of sassafras trees.  I dug up some small pink begonias from where the irises, hostas, and some of the oxalis are, by the green shed.  I found a hardy cyclamen leaf sprouting there, from the bulb (corm?  tuber?) that I planted there in the spring.

I think the cyclamen that I got in the spring are all accounted for now, whether by a flower or a leaf or two coming above the ground.  Two are in that hosta and astilbe area, and the other two are in front of the front porch, nearer to the north side of the house.  The hardy cyclamen that I got years ago are nearer to the front door side, more towards the south side of the porch.

The flowers of the colchicum are coming up properly now.  At least one should be open by tomorrow.  Others are still breaking through the ground, and tighter in bud.

Dad picked up takeout from our favorite Chinese restaurant.  We had a nice dinner.

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