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I have various errands to do today.  I got some sleep.

Later: Mom made a grocery store run in the morning.  I didn't end up going with her on that trip.

I wanted to get yardwork done, but I didn't want to dig things up today.  Dad moved the hardware cloth I had around the potted chives, lovage, and two potted roses that are currently near the back door.  He put those plants in the little red wagon so he could move them around as he mowed in the back yard.

Later: I was weeding around the irises and seeing which ones needed new labels when he came over there to mow.  I grabbed the old labels that I'd replaced with freshly rewritten ones, and headed back towards the "herb garden."

I ended up moving a lot of hardware cloth and chicken wire netting from one rose or garden section to another.  I put a 4' tall piece of hardware cloth around the tomato cage around the 'Sharifa Asma' rose.  I put an old tomato cage around the 'Winter Sunset' rose, and then wrapped a 3' tall piece of hardware cloth around the tomato cage.  The gold-band lily stem and leaves got pushed around some as I worked with the hardware cloth, but the bulb should be okay.  I cut back one of the 'Uchida' lily stems that was drooping badly.

The 'Garden Pleasure' Orienpet lily got very leggy in the house.  It survived being transplanted, but droops over.  I have it propped up, but I'm thinking of cutting down that stem and picking the bulbils out from their places by the base of each leaf, and planting the bulbils.  (Bulblets?)

When I took an old tomato cage out from around the Easter lily, it fell over, and the stalk separated from the bulb.  It looked like the bottom of the stalk was pretty much dead, though the lily still had a rosette of green leaves on top.  I had planted some of the bulbils that were on the stem of that some days ago.  I picked the rest off of the bulbils of assorted sizes from the Easter lily's stem and put them on top of the soil of the pot.  I assume that the main bulb of the Easter lily is still alive.

I'll dig up the Easter lily bulb and those bulbils I planted in the pot fairly soon, and put something hardy but not too agressive in there.  The 'Catherine' iris is doing quite well in that pot.  I still don't know which "Catherine" it is specifically.  I should write and ask.  But I don't want that to be overgrown by something else.

I moved a whole lot of tomato cages, chicken wire and hardware cloth.  I didn't rewrap the taller and shorter pieces of hardware cloth that I had around the shady section of the "herb garden."  I'd wrapped hardware cloth around 'Sharifa Asma' and 'Winter Sunset.'  Hopefully my special daylilies and the gold-band and Formosa lilies don't get eaten tonight.  I'll figure out something for them tomorrow.

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