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Backdating by a couple of hours...

I went outside briefly to put rewritten labels by my plants.  It wasn't super-hot out, but it was so humid that it felt hot.  I decided I was at a good stopping place when it started to rain.

I got Perennial Garden Color by Dr. William C. Welch.  It's published by Texas A & M, and aimed in large part to Texas gardeners, although there is some about what plants do well in other Gulf states and Southern states.  Texas is a big enough state to have quite the variety of climates, and I would guess at least a couple of climate zones.  Galveston is sub-tropical.  It's that far south, and has the moderating influence of the waters of the warm Gulf of Mexico.  I would expect that the northern sections of the state get colder than that, although in general not unusually cold like that week or so this past winter.  Some parts of Texas are very dry, and some aren't, so some plants do better in some locations.  The book has a good amount about crinums.

Dad asked if I'd gotten my "B-O-O-K."  He spelled it out, which was funny.  I said that it was a much better reading experience in print than on an e-reader. especially a black and white one.

I talked to J. for a while.  He and K. both have colds.  I don't think we'll see them this weekend.  Mom, out of the blue it seemed to me, asked me to go to church on Sunday.  I wondered where that was coming from.  Mom explained that it was the week she'd get her birthday blessings, ahead of her birthday.  I said I'd see how I felt physically.  Our allergies have been bad lately.

I got a line editing job done at night.

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