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I conked out at the usual time last night and woke at 6:30 a.m. for no apparent reason.

I watched the first episode of "What If...?"  That was a twist on Captain America.  There were parts of that that I loved.  I watched the Dr. Strange episode, which was a dark twist on the story, but certainly a "what if" that could have gone that way.

Mom and I made a grocery store run in the morning, and I returned library books that were due today.  It was raining, so I didn't park and go into the library, but dropped the books in the bookdrop.  I felt like the grocery store trip was quite a successful one.

Retrospectively: Sometime on Friday or over the weekend, the Sternbergia lutea in the "crocus garden" started blooming.  I'd planted three bulbs there.  Two are open.

The tips of the buds of the colchicum are just starting to break the surface.

I got the print book of Subtle Blood.

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