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I went to bed relatively early, and woke quite early, too.

I have a virtual appoimtment in the early afternoon.

Later: I went out to plant the rest of my saffron crocuses.  Dad came out and gave me the phone just when I was about to start digging.  I answered the call and then went back out to plant the crocuses.  I propped up the bigger pineapple sage, which cleared a lot of room to see other plants.  The strawberry that is planted by the Asiatic lilies is doing well and sending out runners, so I should have a few strawberry plants there next year, if they don't get eaten.

I planted the saffron crocuses around the perimeter of that part of the herb garden.  The rosemary is doing well.  I clipped some dead stems off the sweet marjoram, but it still has many long live stems.  The parsley is doing well also.  I should use some of that before we have a frost.  I brushed chokecherry berries and leaves out from around the plants and mixed topsoil in with the garden dirt when I covered over the crocuses.  I ended up going around to the shady section with the 'Uchida' lilies and the 'Sharifa Asma' rose, and planting the rest of the saffon crocuses there.

I pulled out the leggy little geranium that had died, and clipped off the lily stalks that had died back.  The lily bulbs should still be alive.  I planted some of the saffron crocus in between the 'Sharifa Asma' rose and the 'Winter Sunset' rose.  I planted more around the 'Hyperion' daylily and the "lemon lily" daylily.  I cleared weeds and leaves from around that section, too.  I kind of sat partway on a begonia when I was planting the crocuses, so that was leaning to the other side and lost some leaves, but I have lots of begonias.  I'm debating what all I want to dig up.  I definitely want to rescue a couple of the pink begonias before the weather gets too cold.

The white mistflower is blooming in the backyard.  I'd weeded out a lot of it when I was planting other things, especially around the west side of the house, but there was still a fair amount left.  In the front yard, the goldenrod is now blooming with the blue mistflower at its base, by the 'Mme. Zoetmans' rose.  It's a pretty combination.

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