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thoughts on the "T" -- again

     I'm still busy with proofreading and editing, although the big project is done. :)  As I've been writing, this post has turned into more of my thoughts about the "T" in LGBT.  I really started considering the topic again when I learned that several of my favorite authors are genderqueer.  I was surprised about that, though I feel like I shouldn't have been that surprised.  I wasn't trying to pry, either, as it's information that they freely volunteered.  I feel like I should feel enlightened, but I really don't.  I already knew that a person of any gender can write good characters and plot, so there's really no shock there.

     I'm actually better about trying to educate people on that aspect of queerness than I am on bisexuality -- it's less clearly personal to me.  Unsurprisingly, most of the people I've spoken to have rather outdated ideas about gender.  If it's not something you have to think about day to day, it's pretty much off their radar.  It's been on mine for some years now, on and off.

     I've read quite a number of non-fiction books by trans and genderqueer folks, so I think I'm pretty good on the concepts, although I'm not much good on remembering the neutral gender pronouns.  I do have a commitment to use the pronoun the person in question wants to use.  At the very least, it only seems to be the polite thing to do.  I don't have a heck of a lot of experience with genderqueerness in real life.  I've been friends with a couple of transwomen, and spoken to a couple of transmen.  I still have trouble with why someone in a male body would wish to have a female body, though I have no trouble with why someone in a female body would prefer to have a male one.  I figure that means that I have my share of gender dysphoria.  I'm well aware that I come across as femme when I'm wearing flannel shirts and construction boots, even though I'd just as soon look somewhat more androgynous.  I've done recent posts on being attracted to androgynous men and butch women.  I can't really explain that -- I just go with it. 

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