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I didn't get a lot of sleep.  I had decaf black tea late at night, and perhaps there was enough caf left that I couldn't get to sleep for some time, though I was very sleepy.

I have a Zoom appointment in the afternoon.

Sometime when it's not very hot, I want to put mulch around the plants I planted by the west side of the house.

Later: I made it to my Zoom appointment, which was pretty productive.

I scheduled an annual wellness exam with Dr. A.  He's nice.  It's disconcerting that the phone tree there starts off with "If this is an emergency or you are in labor..."

I rescheduled the appointment that was canceled on Tuesday for next Tuesday instead.

I should be getting a ittle package of saffron crocuses tomorrow.  I need to plant them quickly.  They were backordered, and it's kind of late to plant fall-blooming crocuses, so they may not do anything this year.  Maybe next year if the corms aren't eaten meanwhile.

I walked around outside.  I cut off the gladiolus leaves that were chewed up and/or sickly looking.  I want to dig up the corms and dip them in fungicide or fungicide/insecticide.  I have a feeling that the iris borers may have migrated a foot or two over to the area where the gladioli are.

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