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out of the house a bit, soap operas today

Made it to an appointment, then picked Mom up and we headed to the library, then the grocery store.  I was just returning books.  She had one on hold, one in a series of Elizabeth Lowell's.  I like the science fiction she used to write as Ann Maxwell.  I wish she'd pick up with the Fire Dancer series.  As far as I know, that was left with ongoing plot arc still in mid-arc.  I've read a number of the romances she writes as Elizabeth Lowell, and have read a few of the mysteries she writes with her husband Evan as A.E. Maxwell.

I got sushi, and salad and fruit at the salad bar.  It was 97 degrees and humid out, and I didn't feel like eating anything hot.  After we got home and I'd cooled off again for a while, I could eat the sloppy joes we had for dinner.  My stomach is not good.  I'm not sure what that's from, as I ate quite the variety of things today.  I'm drinking Alka-Seltzer, and that should help.

I have an editing job I need to finish tonight.  So far, so good with the continuity and the character names from a previous and related series by the author.  There were a few comma splices the proofreaders didn't catch, but I caught them.  I'll read it over again to make sure I found as much as I could, but the proofers seem to have done a nice job generally, and the plot logic is quite good.

Soap operas: Verbotene Liebe didn't have Christian and Olli today.  I know, because I watched the whole thing.  Tanja and Ansgar are both plotting and scheming; Prince Philipp is scheming with Antonia (?), but seems to be feeling a little bad about the cons he's trying to run on Nico.  Lydia has a bad conscience now.  This Sebastian (the second actor in the role) does seem a little dull.  The old Sebastian had quite the creepy vibe and did a lot of creepy things.  The reformed Sebastian doesn't seem to be as interesting.  I miss Carla and Leonard.  I really miss Gregor.  This was about the third day Helena had spent in bed.  Again she was spoken of but not seen in this episode.  I think she's supposed to be in tomorrow's episode.  Last we saw, she was having a nightmare of Tristan trying to kill Andi out of jealousy.  Helena should have at least cleared Andi's name before she had her fit of the vapors.

I watched today's episode of Alles was zahlt, and didn't think until about half an hour ago that I hadn't watched it with subtitles.  I got some more out of it, but I'd already gotten the gist.  I had basically understood a lot of Roman's conversation with Florian, and what was going on with the hockey game.  Flo was trying to do everything himself, and not working with his teammates.  Ingo and his teammates realized it, too.  Just because you're talented doesn't mean it's not a team sport.  Well, a lot of the members of the team are twice Florian's age, and can talk to him.  Flo is acting seventeen, but there are some older and very talented NHL players who are notorious for acting like that, too.  Ben is now a member of the team.

I really wish Deniz had stayed on the team, but he's still grieving his relationship.  Hockey is not conducive to a career as a model, either.  I wish I'd been in earshot on the Saturday in March when Igor was explaining his skating war wounds.  He was showing someone his hernia scar, from trying to lift Dennis and falling with Dennis on top of him.  Dennis probably weighs considerably less than I do, but still.  He showed the person the scar under his chin from a fall.  AWZ actually used the footage from that, then shot scenes of Deniz with a bandage under his chin.  Igor got stitches for that one.  I have no idea of the one on his calf, but apparently he'd had some kind of injury with skates there, too.

The EKP ladies are now calling Claudia Bergmann "Claudia DeVille."  It suits her, too.  She's pretending she has cancer in order to guilt Katja into doing everything she wants Katja to do.  Pretending she has cancer.  That's pretty damn despicable.

Lena is just now discovering some of the nasty things Max has been doing lately, from Ingo telling her things.  She doesn't know yet that Max had replaced her birth control pills with sugar pills.  She was actually trying to be responsible, and learn from previous mistakes.  Today she took a pregnancy test, looked at the results, and said, "Scheisse!"  Oh, Lena.

Well, I don't think I have to be anywhere tomorrow, so I'll probably just work on the booklet for garden club, and go swimming if we are invited again.  That would be nice.

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