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I'll be calling it a night pretty soon, I think.  We'll see.

I stayed up later than I wanted to, but by the time Mom came downstairs, I felt like I'd gotten enough sleep.  I was feeling better today than I was yesterday.

I called Aumt P.T. to wish her a belated happy birthday.  I told her that a day late was pretty good for us, that Mom and Dad and I had been a day late in calling J. and a week late in calling Aunt P.S.  Mom was there when J. was born, so she has no excuse for that one.  I sent J. a text message that morning, and e-mailed him after Mom forgot to call him, so I didn't actually forget my brother's birthday.  Aunt P.T. thought it was funny, anyway.  She knows how we are, and she likely has an idea that it's been generally extra challenging these past couple of keep track of the date.  Uncle P. had told Dad to call her yesterday, so he didn't really have an excuse.  I called Uncle P. as well, to wish him a happy birthday on the actual day.  Uncle P. is two years minus a day older than Aunt P.T.

I wished we could have made it to the joint party, but that's a long, long drive for us, and none of us were feeling that great.  But the birthday people know that we would have been there if we were up to it, and that we'd like to see them.

I went outside for a little while between rainstorms.  It had obviously rained in the morning.  It was sprinkling a little when I ventured out to put rewritten labels by various of my garden plants.  My aqua shoes are coming in handy for looking at the garden or watering plants if they need water.  The outside plants really haven't needed watering much lately.  All the rain has been taking care of it.

I put a black ink cartridge in my printer.  It had been hard to find one.  I think they're getting to be obsolete.  It is an old printer.  I printed out some pictures of my irises, and did little assessment tests.  After so many years, I expected I'd do well on a proofreading test.  I scored as "proficient" in food safety and cooking.  I've never had formal training in those, and didn't use a calculator and/or an equivalency chart to convert measurements as I usually would when I'm actually cooking.  But I had informal knowledge.  I figure doing stuff like that keeps me off the streets and out of trouble. :)

It was cool enough today that I felt like I could turn on the oven.  I cooked ready-made biscuits, so it wasn't like it was highly skilled cooking.  But they came out golden and flaky, and everybody likes biscuits.  Mom doesn't use the stove during heat waves, and it's forbidden to me too then.  We can use the burners to boil or saute or simmer food.  Today, though, after I turned the oven off, Mom put her hands on the warm stovetop because her hands were cold.  After weeks and weeks of sandal weather, she ended up putting on socks because her feet were cold, too.  Using the oven did heat up the kitchen nicely.  It just has to be a day when we appreciate having the heat.

I'm not planning to stay up very late tonight, but we'll see how it goes.

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