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I was up very late finishing a line editing job.  I caught up on sleep during the day.

In the afternoon, I walked around the yard to see how my plants were doing.  The jasmines native to the tropics are still very happy with the hot and humid weather and have flowers and buds.  A dianthus from last year that hadn't bloomed yet this year has a flower bud opening.  It's a dark pink, and double.  Perhaps it's the hardy carnation.  A good number of the plants are green, but don't have flowers.  The pineapple sage is doing well.  The strawberry plants that I planted under the pineapple sages seem to be settling in nicely.  The cardinal flower that's in the shade by the front porch is still blooming.

The new irises seem to be hanging in there.  Some of the leaves have died back on several of them, but I expected that.  I expect that they'll grow new leaves as they settle into their new homes.  The top part of the Madonna lily has gone all brown, but the bulb may well still be alive.  The Easter lily has lost most of the leaves along its stem, but is forming a new rosette of leaves at the top of the stem.  It had also developed a number of bulblets (bulbils?) along the stem.  I planted the little bulblets that I'd knocked off the stem in the soil of the pot with the Easter lily.

The 'Because She Served' rose is fully open.  It's really quite a nice flower.

I watched tonight's episode of "Jerusalem" on CNN.

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