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re-watching Verbotene Liebe

I'm still thrilling over Tuesday's episode.  As I explained in great detail on Tuesday evening, that gave me so much to be happy about.  As the actors say, Olli and Christian are portrayed as just normal guys.  Olli is notable for his sweet nature and the way he keeps a certain kind of innocence, despite all his experience with men.  This just-past storyline made him stupidly naive and gullible, but that was just a grotesque exaggeration of that innocent quality.  He's good at expressive communication, and likes to take care of people.  His nurturing qualities are appreciated by the people around him.  When Olli is written by good writers, he's really quite bright and sometimes very perceptive.

Christian was never meant to be an intellectual, and worries that smarter people are making fun of him, but he's certainly not dumb.  I don't know how he was with Nico or Coco, but with Olli, he'll freely display his romantic streak.  It took some development for him to get to that point, but really only a few months time after he and Olli admitted they loved each other.  He's good at instrumental communication, and generally expresses himself quite directly.  Christian was never meant to be the subtle type, either.  He can take care of himself, but loves when Olli takes care of him.  He hadn't had much of people nurturing him in his life, and treasures it when he gets it.

I loved that Olli was fearless early on in their developing relationship, on those occasions when Christian was enraged with him.  There were a few times Olli walked Christian backwards, even when Christian started out pretty threatening in an argument.  Olli isn't quite as big as Christian, but he has strength of will, especially when he was calling Christian on something.  Olli is a normal guy in taking up the space he needs to take.  He's six feet tall, so it's a fair amount of space.  Christian really knows how to take up space, enough to back people off.  Even with European mannerisms differing from American ones, it's very clear that Christian is butch, and that it comes perfectly naturally to him.  If by "normal guy" they mean very masculine, they've nailed that with Christian.

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