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I got a pretty good amount of sleep.

I don't especially have plans for the day.

It wasn't that nice a day out, but Mom and I got out in the early afternoon.  We went to the dollar store, and then returned some library books.  We also dropped off some books we were donating at the donation spot at the back of the library.  The dollar store trip was fairly productive for me.  I got birthday cards for the two of Dad's siblings who were born a year and a day apart at the end of August.  I got a birthday card for Mom, which I'll probably lose before her birthday late in September.

This may have been the day that I found that the seedpod from a blue flag iris was turning brown in spots, and was open at the tip.  I cut the stem of the seedpod and opened the seedpod fully.  I scattered some of the seeds around that area by the drainpipe nearest to the back door, and also some near the cardinal flower that's near north side of the front porch.  I didn't plant them into the earth, but I figured that if they'd landed on a suitably damp patch of ground that they would sprout.

I got a line editing job done in the evening, so that felt like I'd accomplished something.

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