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I watched CNN last night, and then got some sleep.

I need to get to an appointment this afternoon.

Later: I went outside briefly in the early morning.  It was not terribly hot yet temperature-wise, but it was extremely humid, like a sauna.  The sambac jasmine 'Maid of Orleans' has a bunch of new buds.  The 'Ellen Bosanquet' crinum has a bud.  The poet's jasmine (Jasminium grandiflorum) has a few flowers still open, and quite a number of buds.  One of the 'Uchida' lilies is blooming.  I'd cut off one bud that was nibbled on a month or two ago so the energy could go to other parts of the plant.  One flower below that stem was fully open, and there was also a well-developed bud lower on that stalk that I expect will open soon.

'Mme. Isaac Pereire' had a bud that I cut to prevent its being eaten by Japanese beetles.  That has a very good fragrance.  I had seen that the "Two-Tone" rose had a bud.  Today I saw that the sepals were down on that flower.  The two tones are coming out as yellow petals edged with pink.  That's a relatively common Tea rose color blend that has been passed down to a number of Hybrid Teas.  Maybe it's 'Peace.'  Maybe I got the yellow rose with no name instead of the "Two-Tone" one.

Early evening: I made it to a live appointment, and then made a grocery store run, and then had a virtual appointment.  I was exhausted after all that, and lay down for a while.  We're having thunderstorms again tonight.

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