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I woke at 5:30 a.m., as I have been for an annoying number of days these past few months.

I have a virtual appointment in the afternoon.  I'll probably work in the yard and take a nap, not necessarily in that order, before then.

Later: Since it was pretty nice out, Mom and I went for a walk in a local park before lunch.  I went one circuit around the paved path, stopping partway to look at a bird guide.  I went across the bike path to try to see what I thought was a stream, but seems to be a standing body of water.  There's a lot of greenery blocking the view.  I didn't see any birds there.

I'd seen a tree swallow go by overhead, and a few robins hopping along and perching on low signs.  That park generally has a lot of tree swallows.  I could hear a lot of birds, but didn't see many.  Mom went on another circuit around the paved path.  I sat at a picnic table and looked at another pocket bird guide.  A lady started a conversation with me as to what birds could be seen in the park.  I pointed out a mockingbird that happened to be nearby, and said that sometimes one could see a great blue heron in the pond in the woods.  I told her about the bluebird houses placed around the park.  Her little granddaugher came up and I showed the two of them the picture in the book of tree swallows, and said that I'd seen robins, also.  The granddaughter is a fan of robins, apparently.

After Mom and I got home, I worked out in the yard.  I moved the pots by the front porch and the path to the driveway, and along the driveway, so Dad could mow in that area.  I had some pots in the little red wagon left over from my brother's and my childhood, and some in the wheelbarrow to move them around.  They rested on the driveway when Dad was mowing.  I also weeded around the big plants by the front porch, which involved pulling down a lot of wild grape vines.

I washed and changed to nicer clothes, and made it to my virtual appointment.  I think the people could only see my face, but I felt better knowing that I was wearing nice clothes.  After that, I had a late lunch/early dinner, talked to K.M., and then changed to another set of old clothes, and went out and did more yardwork.  Dad got a leaf bag, and I put an armful of grapevine and other weedy stuff in the leaf bag while he held it open.  I rearranged the collection of pots, and moved some herbs and pots with bulblets and bulbils that just had sprouted this spring to the back yard.  I put some of the nicer flowering plants in the front, including the potted jasmines and pinks.

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