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Tuesday's soap operas

Alles was zahlt (*spoilers*): Deniz is still breaking me.  Roman is still feeling kind of bad, but really not bad enough.  Is anyone ever going to ask whether the locker rooms are ever used for their actual purpose?  Deniz walking in on Roman and Marc was just a bad, bad moment.  It kind of compares to Deniz getting a blow job from a random cameraman when he thought Roman had torn up his love letter without caring.  Deniz cheated on Roman with Vanessa, cheated on Vanessa with other women and with Roman, worked as a rentboy -- I just don't think he can get on too much of a moral high ground generally, except that he was faithful this time around.  Deniz seems to have the attitude that if Roman had just talked to him about it in the first place, it wouldn't have been so bad.  I think that's quite a reasonable attitude.

On the other hand, Verbotene Liebe had so many satisfying moments today.  (*spoilers*)  Olli punching Rob and knocking him down was one highlight, even if it was to rescue Rebecca.  Christian being quite ready to fight Rob was another.  Did no-one ever mention to Rob that Christian is a former boxer?  He knows Christian does hard physical labor.  How I would have loved to see Christian beat up Rob.  Seeing Olli taking Rob on in a physical conflict was pretty satisfying in its own way.  Olli is very fit himself -- well, Jo is.  There is no extra body fat on the man, and he is toned.  Christian's sheer joy at seeing Rob taken away in handcuffs and put in the back of the police car was wonderful to see.  Olli saying he really needed to make amends to Christian and asking why he hadn't believed Christian in the first place was yet another highlight.  I think Christian forgave Olli a little too easily for all that, but I'd like to see Olli making some of those amends Christian so richly deserves.
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