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I should get some sleep soon...

Later: I slept relatively well, and had a quiet day.

I ended up going outside in the evening, while it was still light, to water the plants I have in pots.  Partway through, I found that Dad had taken the hose out as I had asked him to, and put it near the driveway.  Once I got the hose attached to the faucet, it was much easier to water than using the watering can.

The 'Maid of Orleans' or "Sampaquita" sambac jasmine is loving the hot and humid weather, and has a lot of flowers.

The brambles that I tried to cut back in 2020 from around the boxwood and sweet briar by the north side of the porch responded as if they had received a nice pruning.  They've covered the boxwood, which must be at least 8' tall.  I picked a pint of dewberries from that bramble, and a few wild raspberries that I found on the other side of the clump of sassafras trees and weedy trees.

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