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soap operas on Monday

(*spoilers*)  Alles was zahlt: Deniz is breaking me.  Roman is still feeling pretty bad, or kinda bad, but Deniz is going through mourning for a dead relationship.

Verbotene Liebe: Christian is being proved completely right, which I hope Olli realizes to the very fullest degree.  Christian is ready to be aggressive to Rob right back, but that would just lead to trouble for Christian.  It is true to Christian's character that he would fight to protect his loved ones.  Rebecca saved the day at No Limits, but is now getting herself in trouble.  If she gets held as a hostage or something, I hope Olli and Christian are smart enough to call in the von Lahnsteins.  They would have a much better idea what to do than Olli or Christian would.

In other news, Helena found out that Tristan and Jessica lied about everything they accused Andi of doing.  Helena did not take it well.

A couple that I think are Matthias and Natalie returned to town.  I believe that David, Lydia and Fabian are Matthias' children.  His wife Katja slept with Sebastian von Lahnstein while Sebastian was dating Lydia, and got pregnant.  If I have it right, Sebastian's wife Lydia is the half-sister of Sebastian's daughter.  I'm trying to figure out exactly how incestuous that is.  It's at least kind of icky.  Matthias is raising Sebastian's daughter.  I think Lydia and Ansgar von Lahnstein have a thing going now, so Lydia may be involved with the husband of a serial killer.  (Lydia!)  I thought Ansgar and Sebastian might be half-brothers, but apparently they're cousins.  Natalie is Ansgar's ex-wife.  Wikipedia's "Lahnstein family" entry really was pretty helpful.  I could not explain this again if I tried.

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