neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,


I think I'll go to bed fairly soon.

Later: I went to bed early for me and woke early.  I'll probably take a nap later.

I don't have to be anywhere today, thank goodness.  I do have library books that I want to return, though.

I ended up having a quiet day.  I read books and tried not to do anything that would strain my back.  It was very hot today, so mostly I stayed inside.  I went outside near dusk to smell the lilies and look at the roses.  The regal lilies are all blooming.  'The Fairy' rose has a lot of flowers, and whatever was the understock for the 'Paul Neyron' rose I got has a hybrid tea type of flower that has a pleasant scent, but the flowers are a light pink, not the distinctive dark pink of that particular rose.

The 'Stella d'Oro' daylily is in bud.  I'll have to see if it blooms tomorrow.  Other daylilies in assorted places around the yard have smaller buds.  The tiger lilies are in bud, and taller than the fence around them, so I need to put taller fencing around them.  The white-flowered begonias really pop when it's darker out.  The butterfly weed plant by the smallest magnolia looks like the flowers will open up soon.  The soil is much more rich there where I filled in a hole with garden soil than it is by the back door, where it's shale and clay.  But I have a number of butterfly weed plants here and there that are trying, and may bloom later in the summer.

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