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I got a good night's sleep, so that was helpful.

I wasn't very productive, but I did get out in the afternoon and water my potted plants, and some of the garden plants I had recently planted.  A couple of the hostas I planted near the herb garden are sprouting.

I didn't get out yesterday as far as smelling the 'Mrs. Andrist' iris, which is supposed to be fragrant.  Although that flower has gone by, there's a bud that should open soon.  The blue flag irises are starting to bloom.  Dad's work around the vegetable garden has broken off the flower stalks of some of the irises there, so I cut a couple of the remaining stalks that had buds showing color, in hopes that they'd open in the house.  I also cut flowers from some of the irises in the front yard, including 'Gay Geisha,' 'Invitation,' 'Blue Staccato' and probably-'Matinata.'

The roses are blooming now, too.  I'd picked buds from 'Mme. Zoetmans' during this past week or so.  Now the rose has lots of flowers open.  I picked several.  I also picked flowers from 'Ispahan' and 'Mme. Isaac Pereire.'  Dad said he'd seen flowers on the sweet briar, too, but the canes of that that are still alive are way above my head.  I'll have to look from a little distance.  Also, the sweet briar is quite thorny.  I saw buds that were showing color on a couple of the roses I'd wrapped in hardware cloth, 'Konigin von Danemark' and 'Leda.'

I'd planted the pineapple sage in the herb garden.  Whoever grew it had managed to make it think that spring was the time for it to bloom, which it is currently doing.  Usually it starts blooming in November or December for me, when I'm trying to bring it in before a frost.  I'm hoping that hummingbirds can come in over the top of the hardware cloth.  I want to open it enough to weed, too, because I saw bindweed wrapping around a regal lily and the red valerian (Centranthus ruber).  I'd need my leather gloves for that project.  I also want to weed around the rose campion and the newly-planted lilacs.

One of the rooted cuttings of a rugosa rose that I got in my orders this spring is really leafing out now, so that's good.

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