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I think I may actually go to sleep fairly soon.  I'm very tired.

Later: I didn't stay up that much later, but I woke early, too.

The 'Invitation' iris started blooming.

I went out to work in the yard in the morning, because I figured it was better to work while it was cooler out than it would be later in the day.  I was planning to wrestle hardware cloth and chicken wire into place around gardens, so I wore heavy leather gloves.  I planted actual herbs in the herb garden that mostly had everything but herbs.  I dug up the 'Dom Pedro' tulips, and the yellow-flowered tulip bulbs that J. and K. had brought here Easter weekend.  I cut the flower from a 'Black Parrot' tulip that was floppy.  Something may have happened to it when I planted the 'Rouletii' miniature rose near it.

I planted dill, parsley, tarragon and the pineapple sage in the herb garden, and then put the 4' tall hardware cloth around the garden.  I cut the chicken wire that I'd put around the pot that I'd planted a piece of the 'Melonee' daylily in to just fit around the pot.  I got a few more cuts on my arms and legs from the wire of the hardware cloth and poultry netting, but nothing that seemed serious to me.

I went inside to rest after that.

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