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early Sunday morning

I found more YouTube channels centered on Carla von Lahnstein of Verbotene Liebe.  I've learned now that Nanna does as much of a Stella-ectomy as she can in any episode Stella Mann appears in.  She cut out quite a lot of Stella interacting with Christian in early December 2008.  Christian did have a storyline with Gregor and Stella then, while Olli was away.

Nanna did do clips from November 2008 on Ichglotzgerman, where Gregor and Christian go biking, Gregor tries to impress a couple of women and (*spoilers*) they steal his clothes and leave him naked in the wilderness.  He tries to hide the incident from Christian, but the women come into the bar the next day to return his clothes, and Christian apparently learns the whole story, judging by the big smile he gets as he hears the women talking to Gregor.  Those clips were easy enough to get the gist of, especially with that much of Gregor on display.

I knew some of the Stella clips had a lot more of Gregor since they were living together for some time.  I'm sure some of the Gregor clips from the channels devoted to him have a lot more of Stella, too, and maybe some more of Christian.  Apparently Nanna just didn't really care for Stella.  I knew she cut out scenes on the Ichglotzutube channel that weren't focused on Christian and Olli, but I didn't realize she'd cut out so many scenes that had Christian in them.  Well, it gives me a goal of searching out those scenes, and trying to understand them as best I can.

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