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The little plants I most recently got and kept inside are dying because I forgot to water them.  Same effect as if they were outside in the heat wave, except that they only got a fraction of the light they would have gotten outside.  All the bloom died on the lantana, and the fennel flopped over.  I watered them to see if they would come back.  The leaves of the lantana were still green.

Lisabea has not yet responded to my plan to steal temporarily borrow her secret gay boyfriend for the AfterElton Ladies' Choice of hot gay men.  (See previous entry.)  I guess that means that Dennis G. is mine for this exciting vote.  If I can figure out how to insert pictures into a comment on there, I'll put up the "We love Kris" pictures.

I am toying with the idea of going to the Indian grocery stores and stocking up on lassis and desserts.  I'm still quite curious about the vetiver-flavored lassi, and will keep an eye out for that.  That might be something I'd need to go to Edison or Iselin (towns in New Jersey) to find.  I'm not at that level of curiousity.

I went to the hair salon and got Redken Color Extend Shampoo and the accompanying conditioner for ridiculous prices.  The cheap stuff I normally use will strip the color right out of my hair, the hairdressers tell me.  Next time I have more money, I'll have it done red again.  My brown and grey roots are showing.  Last time I was there at the salon, in May, it ended up as a very dark red, but it's faded down to a medium red now.  They tell me that red fades fastest of any hair coloring, no matter what shampoo you use.

I stopped at the Indian grocery across the road from that shopping center, and stocked up on mango drink and mango lassis.  I found candy-coated fennel seed, too, and got a fresh bottle of rosewater, as the last one I had that was labeled for use in food was past its expiration date.  I finally gave into my scented-soap collecting habit, and got frangipani, the cinnamon one I've been curious about for months, and sandalwood.  The cinnamon smells really good.  The frangipani was wrapped in paper inside the box, and is fairly strong, but I expected the flowery scent.  I think frangipani is also known as plumeria.  I'm sure Mom will have something to say when I use the sandalwood soap, as she has something to say when I use the patchouli, "Forest" or "Out of India" COPA soaps.

I'm still in Forbidden Love withdrawal, and it's only Saturday.  At least there are thousands of YouTube Verbotene Liebe clips online, though only a relatively small percentage seem to be subtitled.  I want to see some new episodes, though, because there's supposed to be good stuff coming for Christian and Olli. 

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