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AfterElton: From Michael Jensen's Best Gay Week Ever column: "Oh, and ladies on Tuesday we open voting for the AE Ladies Choice poll where you get to say which gay and bi guys you find the hottest! Enjoy!"

How pervy would I come across as if I participated in this?  No more than usual?  More than usual?  I can't think of any bi guys who are celebrities except for the actor (Ferry?) who plays Lucas on the Dutch show Good Times, Bad Times.  He's nineteen or twenty, so it would be pervy on that count if I thought he was hot.  I haven't seen the show since I started concentrating on getting caught up on the soap operas the actors who were coming to the Gays of Our Lives event were in.  One Life to Live didn't take too long to get caught up on through late March, but Verbotene Liebe took a big chunk of two months.

I would have to go with the soap opera guys I know.  I'll steal Lisabea's secret gay boyfriend for this, and say Dennis Grabosch.  I still love the bit of dialogue in the birthday video for him (, where some of the Eskimo Horde describe him as "an adorable little travel-sized German sex god."  I'll have to quote that.  He's actually not particularly my type physically -- I like the tall and lanky boys -- but he's hot.

Scott Evans isn't especially my type either, but he's good-looking.  There's someone named Cheyenne who the folks at AfterElton talk about and show photos of frequently, but I have no idea who he is.  I may have to consult my young sources of pop culture knowledge and ask M. and the other kids from [local university].  Does it count if you're getting suggestions from gay boys?

Kris, help me out here.  I'm sure you've got plenty of ideas about hot gay guys.  Actually, any of my "invisible, imaginary Internet friends" can help me out.
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