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Upon which I was deeply unambitious, and the winds were howling.

YMCA-K will come over to share some plants.

Later: I napped here and there, and then was up and ready enough for K.'s visit.  She shared harlequin flower bulbs and pink rain lily bulbs with me.  I'll have to look up what harlequin flowers are again.  I shared extra daffodil bulbs, iris rhizomes, a couple of oxalis bulbs and some lily-of-the-valley pips with K.  They were mostly what the authors of Passalong Plants call "plants that will pass themselves along."

After K. headed home, I was inspired to transplant a good many of the bulbs and rhizomes I had in pots back into the ground.  Also, I transplanted the amaryllis bulb that Dad found in the garage, that was in a pot with no drainage holes, into a pot with drainage holes.  I replanted various daffodils, including several bulbs of 'Erlicheer.'  I moved several of the additional 'Crimson King' iris rhizomes that I'd dug up from being on the top of the soil in a pot to being on top of soil on the ground -- with the roots under the surface of the soil.  I planted the sweet autumn clematis in a large pot, and wrapped that with hardware cloth as a barrier, in case some creature got curious.

It's funny how I can get motivated to appreciate things more and get more accomplished if I'm interacting with someone who is interested.  That was a good part of why I'd given K. and Mrs. L. a good number of the tulip and hyacinth bulbs I'd gotten in the Fall of 2020.  I figured I wouldn't be as intimidated about planting what I had left, and it pretty much worked.

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