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I went to bed fairly early for me, well before 2:00 a.m.  I got up briefly in the early morning, and then went back to bed.  I got up for the day at 10:30 a.m.

I have an appointment in the early afternoon.

Later: I made it to my appointment slightly late.  I wasn't moving fast.  After that, I made quick stops to get gasoline and to pick up a couple of things at the grocery store.

Once I got home, I was done in.  I took a look around the yard to see what was blooming or sprouting.  A couple of the astilbes seem to be starting to sprout.  Something took a few bites out of the rose campion in the white pot near the volunteer Rose-of-Sharon plants.  I had that pot wrapped in hardware cloth when I had that bit of the "lemon lily" daylily in it.  I can do that again easily enough.

As for blooming, it looks like I'll have another broken tulip instead of whatever it was I ordered.  I'll mention that to the company.  I gave away a good number of bulbs, so maybe someone else got a broken tulip.  I think it's 'Julia Farnese.'  I picked a brown bud, I think from the "herb garden" area.  Maybe it will be 'Kingsblood.'  The others there that are still in bud seem to be "black" tulips, 'Queen of Night' or 'Philippe de Comines' or 'Black Parrot.'  I can tell which ones are 'Black Parrot' by the jagged edges of the buds.  The 'Couleur Cardinal' tulips I'd planted back there are all blooming.  I cut another one of those.  The 'Estella Rijnveld' bulbs are showing color.

Retrospectively: It turned out that I had planted brown tulips in the herb garden, apparently 'Dom Pedro,' and apparently at least three of them.  I think I must have gotten those bulbs mixed up with the bulbs of 'Kingsblood.'  The maroon-black tulip flowers all bloomed as expected, as did the 'Estella Rijnveld' and 'Couleur Cardinal' tulips.  So at least those are accounted for, and what they were supposed to be.

I cut a bud that was showing what's presumably a solid color under the green.  It may turn out to be a light brown or dark orange tulip.  It looks like there's an orange-tipped bud near the 'Bleu Aimable' tulips.  I'll have oranges and purples along with the red of the 'Rococo' tulip that returned, and the couple of 'Couleur Cardinal' tulips that returned there on the hill.  The 'Trevithian' daffodils are still blooming, too, so there's a bright yellow going with the little spots of purple and red.  I cut the flower from the 'Prince of Austria' tulip that I planted on the hillside last November.

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