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I'm planning to go to bed soon.  We'll see how that goes.

Later: I actually did go to bed pretty early, for me.  I woke up early, too, though.

I went out in the late morning and worked on planting as many plants as I could for the next several hours.  Fortunately, most could be planted quite shallowly.

I planted the 'Erlicheer' daffodils in two places.  I planted three by the west side of the house, and two by where the older ones were on the east side of the driveway, on the hill.  Maybe I'll mulch the bulbs on the hillside with straw or something like that this winter.  I planted the butterfly weed in that same area near the west side of the house, where it could get lots of sun.  I think I ended up planting one of the five roots in the herb garden, near the "Two-Tone" rose, which I'm assuming is 'Double Delight,' and the Regal lily that's growing up from under it.

Dad thought that a good place for the creeping phlox would be the same steep part of the hill where he'd planted junipers as an attempt at groundcover.  The junipers stayed very small, and haven't spread out like I assume he hoped he would.  So I planted the creeping phlox there below the junipers.  The only Dutch Bulb bag I haven't opened and at least started on planting the plants is the hosta, but I'm hoping to find good places for those at the end of the week.

I moved the rugosa rose rooted cuttings to a big pot by the lilacs, the pot with some young tiger lilies still in it.  I planted some lily-of-the-valley pips there, too.  I planted a few more lily-of-the-valley pips in shady spots in the yard.  I think I put more by the green shed, among other places.  I ran out of garden soil somewhere before wanting to put more over the 'Erlicheer' daffodil bulbs and butterfly weed roots.  The last antique freesia that had looked alive for a while didn't anymore -- all its foliage had turned brown.  I tipped that out of its pot and stuck the possibly still alive bulb in a shady place under the 'Teasing Georgia' rose.  I had planted a begonia tuber in that pot, too, I discovered.  I think the begonia tuber may have still been alive.  I stuck the begonia tuber in the pot with the 'Stars and Stripes' crinum bulb.  Maybe one or the other will do something.  I used the soil from that pot for a couple of the 'Erlicheer' daffodil bulbs.  The fuchsia I'd planted in a pot -- I think the day I got it -- had promptly died, and I used the soil in that pot for the rest of covering the daffodil bulbs and butterfly weed roots.  That was a good-sized pot, so that worked.

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