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computer lessons and soap opera

Went to S.M.'s this afternoon to give her computer lessons.  We got a few things typed up for garden club, and I e-mailed them to myself.  This went with my project of working on next year's membership and program booklet, since S. is doing the programs and had the addresses for the new members of the garden club.  So we got a lot done as far as what I wanted to get done.  We tried to print out the page of programs, and it printed one, then wouldn't do anything.  It just said that print job was completed, and that it was deleting.  It would add other jobs to the queue, but they wouldn't print.  S. had a neighbor of hers come over to look at it, but the neighbor knew a little less than I did about printers.  I finally suggested turning the computer off and back on.  That worked.  I should have suggested it much earlier.

It wasn't that hot today, compared to how it's been.  S. and I had watermelon out on her screened-in porch in back.  That was nice.  She's got really full, heavily blooming impatiens around her mailbox, and she showed me different things in the garden by the driveway and front of the house.  The phlox was blooming -- she's got dark pinks -- and a 'Gold Plate' yarrow.  Lots of other kinds of plants and flowers in there.  She'd planted the lemon balm I'd given her.  It had tripled in size since late May.  It will take over if you let it.

Soap opera: Alles was Zahlt: Deniz didn't show up for the hockey player auction, which is a shame, as he could have raised lots of money for them.  Oliver Sommer didn't get much interest, until he said to Florian, "What do you want me to do?  Strip?"  Florian and Ingo got big smiles on their faces, and Oliver did a striptease.  Norman Kalle is pretty fit.  They should show him off more often.  He's a fine actor, but doesn't get much material, and what he does get is usually pretty boring.  But as the EKP ladies said, he was sparkly today.  Constanze and Brigitte were bidding on him.  Brigitte said to Constanze, "You already have Florian."

"Yes, but I want Oliver, too," Constanze replied.  Brigitte said she needed him for her high school reunion, and got him for 300 Euros.

Marian and Jenny talked, but it didn't seem like they got anywhere.  Marian said that she'd have to give up her house, family and place in the company, and move far away to just be with him, if she still loved him as much as she said he did.  I don't think that was particularly fair of Marian.

So the hockey player auction was fun.  We saw Keule, Marian, Florian and Oliver get auctioned off.  They got enough to get new team uniforms.  Florian's says "Florian."  I don't know why it didn't say "Wild," or even "F. Wild."  It's Florian's last name as much as it is Roman's.  Klein Flo has really fit in well in fictional Essen.  Essen needed to get a little Wild.

It reminded me of the AIDS charity benefit auction on Verbotene Liebe.  Olli was the auctioneer for that, and he sparkled.  Christian didn't bid fast enough on Olli, and Olli went to a woman.  Olivia went for a small sum, to David, who had a crush on her at the time.  David had horrible taste in women.  It was the height of the Stella/Charlie sort-of-pairing, Charlie's flirtation with lesbianism, and Charlie paid a huge amount of money for a date with Stella.  They didn't show Christian being auctioned off, which was a real shame.  That would have been a good scene.

There's a new young man in fictional Essen, Tom.  When I saw in the credits that he was Tom Reichenbach, I knew he'd cause trouble for Katja.  He likes her quite a lot, and innocently invited her to his sister's engagement party.  Oops.  That was where today's episode ended, with eyeflashes between Ben and Katja, and Isabelle and Katja.  It's most likely going to lead to Katja's default actions of running out of the room and crying.

Once again, there was no Forbidden Love, or not as of 6:00 p.m.  At least Olli and Christian are back in town and are a happy, loving couple again.  I'd been wanting and hoping for that for months.  I don't know how Germany's doing in the World Cup, but I just hope the games are on the weekend, and don't pre-empt Verbotene Liebe again.  I'm sure the soccer is getting huge ratings.

Ah, major spoiler pictures on AfterElton for Verbotene Liebe:

I'm still looking forward to the next ATWT episode with Reid and Luke.  Let's hope Luke is smart enough to take Reid to a room with a door that locks.  They do not have the time to get constantly interrupted by other Snyders.  I did a recent entry on what I would like to see happen with them.  As I've said before, the show can't get more cancelled.  They might as well go for it.

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