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I think I'll be going to bed pretty soon.

Later: I stayed up for a while, but I think I conked out pretty quickly once I went to bed.  I got up at 10:00 a.m.

I was slow to get going, but eventually went out to the yard and planted all of the plants I got yesterday.  That was a 'Stars and Stripes' crinum, which looks rather like a milk-and-wine lily sort of crinum to me, except for having a red stripe rather than a pink one.  I planted that in a pot, since it's tender.  I'll bring it in in the winter.  I planted the butterfly weed root in the raised bed.  If that blooms at the same time as 'The Fairy' rose, it will be a bright contrast.  I'm presuming that the butterfly weed flowers will be orange, and if 'The Fairy' rose blooms, the flowers are pink.

I planted the 25 ranunculus bulbs of mixed colors in various spots near the east and west sides of the house, from the "crocus garden" by the driveway to assorted pots, including the container with tiger lilies and chocolate mint in it in the back yard.  Also I planted some by the hyacinths in the "herb garden" that has just about everything but herbs in it, and some by the 'Crimson King' irises that I planted near the west side of the house.

After planting all of those plants, and putting some of the iris reticulata bulbs in the front of the "crocus garden," I took my spiffy new grass clipper and clipped the grass around the flowers on the hill to the east of the driveway.  A number of daffodils are blooming, and the hyacinths I planted there.  Some tulips are in bud.  I cut two of the tulip buds, ones that were showing color, in hopes that they'd open inside.  I wrapped the hardware cloth back around the section with the tulips.

Retrospectivly: The first tulip I cut from what was in bud on the hillside was 'Generaal de Wet,' which returned from a previous year.  The two I cut when they were in pretty tight bud turned out to be a 'Prince of Austria' tulip that had returned from a previous year, and a 'Rococo' tulip that returned from a previous year.

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