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I think I'll be going to bed fairly soon.  We have an appointment with Dr. B., the podiatrist, on Friday afternoon.

Later: I went to bed relatively early, but I kept waking up.  I think I got up at one point, and then went back to bed.  I got up for the day at 10:30 a.m.  I wasn't moving fast.

We made it to Dr. B.'s a little late, but they were ready to take us when we came in.  I showed Dr. B. one of my collage-type pages of pictures of hyacinths.  He said they were pretty, and that he had pink and blue ones.  Dr. B. said which vegetables he was growing, but said that things were slow because the ground was still pretty cold.  He talks to Dad about vegetables, too, since that's more Dad's department.

I told Dad to take a picture of the 'Madame Sophie' double hyacinth before it flopped over.  I planted a bulb of 'Gypsy Queen' in that area, too.  That seems to be the one currently in bud, with only green showing at this point.  Also blooming there is one of the purple hyacinths that I got at the grocery store very cheaply after Easter of 2020.  The grocery store hyacinths seem to be coming back pretty well.  The other two purple ones that were in that pot are blooming just by the fencing of the vegetable garden where the irises and the pot of strawberries are currently living.

The 'Lady Derby' hyacinth on the hillside is doing pretty well.  Although I stepped on the clump a couple of times while Dad and I were putting hardware cloth around the tulips, it's got two stalks of flowers.  Apparently I ended up planting the double 'General Kohler' blue hyacinth right next to the 'Blue Giant' hyacinths.  I thought the blue hyacinths were somewhere where they'd make more of a contrast with tulips of various colors, but not so much.  There's a 'Gypsy Queen' hyacinth that was planted on the hillside late in 2018 that came back.  It has a single flower, just the one.

'White Pearl' is blooming in the various places I planted the bulbs.  One is in the "herb garden" near the 'Sky Jacket' hyacinths and what I think must be the 'City of Haarlem' hyacinths that are still in green and tight bud.  Also, I think that may be the area where I planted the 'Chestnut Flower' pink double hyacinth.  One of the 'White Pearl' hyacinths is on the hillside near the 'Blue Giant' hyacinths, and the last of the three is blooming in front of the front porch.

The dark pink 'Vuurbaak' hyacinth has flower stalks with buds on them, in the "crocus garden."

There are patches of 'Trevithian' blooming on the hillside, and the 'Tenby' daffodil is blooming where I planted it.  I just thought it would be taller.  Also shorter than I thought is the Narcissus moschatus.  One of the common names for that is the "swan's neck" daffodil, for the way the flowers droop from the stem.  I think the double Campernelle jonquil will be blooming fairly soon.

I picked several daffodils.  I picked a few of the ones of Dad's that have white petals and an orange cup.  I picked a stem of 'White Lion' that was already falling over.  I picked a "Butter and Eggs" daffodil from the clump in the former rose garden that I divided.  Perhaps next year some will bloom on the hillside.  That's where I transplanted the divisions to.  I picked one of the 'Swan's Neck' daffodils.  I think I picked a couple of other kinds, too, but I forget.

Retrospectively: I think the purple hyacinths may be the cultivar named 'Woodstock.'  They have to have been something relatively common in the trade to have been at the grocery store.

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