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Once again, I should go to bed pretty soon.

Later: I kept busy in my own way, but it was a good day.

I worked in the yard for a while.  I dug up some of the Acorus gramineus that's been living in the former vegetable garden for a long time.  I planted that in the triangle between the driveway and the path from the front porch where the patch of apple mint is.  It was tough to dig up.  I knew that Acorus as a genus had thick roots, but it took some work to divide them up.  I also dug up a little Japanese painted fern, losing its leaves in the process.  I planted the root under an azalea by the front porch.  Maybe it will grow back.  I dug up the lilac in the former rose garden that was getting chewed on.  I saw that one of the Iris reticulata 'Cantab' plants was flowering.  Of the hyacinths, 'White Pearl,' 'Sky Jacket,' 'Blue Giant' and 'Lady Derby' are blooming.

I got my shipment from Direct Gardening.

I'd been talking to Mom about taking a walk in a local park, so we did that for a little while.  I enjoyed going to look at the stream and pond to see if I could see water birds.  There was a Canada goose and a mallard duck in the stream.  Tree swallows were flying over the stream and dipping their beaks in every so often to get water bugs.  The pond was very quiet, but there were tree swallows zipping around in the sky and dipping down to feed from the pond, too.  In the flat, grassy part of the park, there were lots of robins.

After we enjoyed the park, Mom made a quick stop at a grocery store while I stayed in the car and read bits from the library book about lilacs that I borrowed.  It's quite informative.

When we got home, I went to work planting what I could of the plants I got through the mail.  The roses were bare root, so I concentrated on trying to get them actually into soil.  I put 'The Fairy' rose in the corner of the raised bed where I'd dug up a bunch of Crimson King irises.  I put the "two-tone" rose (most likely 'Double Delight') in the "herb garden" that has everything but herbs, in a shallow trench behind the 'Aunt Honey' rose.  I ended up planting 'Paul Neyron' and the three Rosa rugosa rooted cuttings in pots for the moment.  I planted the 'Mme. Lemoine' (I think) lilac that I'd dug up in a pot for the moment.  The other plants I got I put in pots with pebbles in them, and no drainage holes, and put some water in to the level of the pebbles.  Hopefully that way they can stay moist overnight, but not get too waterlogged.  The carnations particularly looked like they needed water.  I'll check on the pots I brought in before I go to bed.

Later: The carnations seemed to be perking up and enjoying having their roots in the water.

Retrospectively, 'The Fairy' rose did well, and bloomed profusely several times starting in late spring, and during the summer.  The canes above the graft for the 'Paul Neyron' rose died off, but the understock sprouted leaves in several places.  It's been living in a pot over the summer, and has had a few flushes of bloom.  Oddly, the rose looks rather like a Hybrid Tea.  It's double, and pale pink, and has a sweet scent.  It's definitely not Neyron pink in color, and the shape of the flower is different, and the fragrance.

The "Two-Tone" rose turned out to be yellow with pink on the edges of the outer petals.  It has a sugary sweet scent.  It's definitely not a "Two-Tone" of red and white.  I think it may be a 'Peace' rose.  I planted the 'Beauty of Moscow' lilac by the drainpipe near the back door, and the 'President Grevy' lilac under the clump of sassafras trees.  I ended up planting one of the 'Mme. Lemoine' lilacs by the 'Botzaris' rose and the tree that's growing up through the rose.

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