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Sunday -- Easter

I should go to bed very soon.

Later: I did, and I conked out quickly.  I woke up fairly early in the morning.  Mom and Dad and I watched the streaming video of the Easter service from the church they attend in person under normal circumstances.  They'd signed up to go to the next Easter Sunday church service that day, too.  It was held outside, with a limited number of people, and they've both been vaccinated, so I guess they were safe enough.

Back home, I went and looked around the yard a couple of times in the afternoon to see what was flowering, but I didn't do any serious yard work today.  The winter honeysuckle and mahonia are still going strong.  The daffodils to the west side of the house and by the south side of the green shed are blooming, and the hyacinths in the herb garden (that mostly now has plants that aren't herbs) are starting to bloom.  I'd cut a stem of 'Sky Jacket' the other day, and a small stem of from 'Lady Derby' that seemed to be one among a bunch of 'Lady Derby' plants coming from a cluster of bulbs.  I found the third 'Erlicheer' plant, too.  The leaves had been frosted low, apparently, but are now coming up.  Perhaps I'll move that one after it blooms.  Judging by the other two 'Erlicheer' daffodils I've moved to more sheltered spots, what was one bulb when I planted it is now, after a few years, a cluster of bulbs.

After a church Easter service, they give the parishoners pots of flowers from what was decorating the church.  I'm already trying to save my tulips from being eaten, we've got dozens of daffodils, and probably a couple dozen hyacinths.  I requested a grape hyacinth.  Mom and Dad brought home a light blue one.  K. and J. had given us a pot of yellow tulips yesterday, so we've got plants that are actually blooming now instead of a couple of weeks.

Retrospectively: The label for the grape hyacinth Mom and Dad brought home for Easter said 'Blue Magic.'  In Fall 2021, I'm experimenting with getting a bunch of different kinds of grape hyacinths.

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