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I'll try to go to bed pretty soon.  I don't have to be anywhere tomorrow, thank goodness.  ("Tomorrow" meaning during the day Wednesday.)

I think I got up relatively early.  I set out for Home Depot before noon.  I actually didn't get any plants, and usually I do.  I got new tomato cages, since I'd been using Dad's old ones to put around the plants that the deer and rabbits and rodents have been eating.  I got a bag of potting soil, a bag of soil especially for potting cactuses and succulents, a little spade, a few kinds of hardware cloth and some poultry netting, labels for plants, a little bag of pebbles for the plant trays we have on the windowsills, and other things that I'm sure I'm forgetting.

After I had a late lunch, Mom and I went to our usual grocery store.  That was also a productive trip.

I was exhausted after all that.  I'm really surprised I didn't sleep better Wednesday night. 

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