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the monkey gets the women going

There were two questions in Brent Hartinger's Ask the Flying Monkey 6/30 column ( that got a bunch of women commenting.  One was a question about whether fan fiction was a form of art.  Brent is a published novelist, pretty well known in some YA circles.  To summarize greatly, his answer was, "No."  The link is above if you want his full answer, and all the comments it provoked.  Another question was from a sixteen-year-old girl who said her friends told her she was obsessed with gay culture.  This brought a comment from my new online friend Jax and from several other women, including me, twice (so far).  I just use my first name and a 'Maiden's Blush' rose as an avatar.  I've recounted a few times here how I got into reading and editing m/m romance.  I gave the short version of the story there.

There was a new column Dennis Ayers is doing -- I think it's called "Needs More Gay."  This one focused on Japan and had a discussion of yaoi.  It was pretty funny.  It also got a lot of women commenting about yaoi.  Probably at least half the comments about those two columns were from women.  I expect some of the men to say something about women taking over the site.  I don't think they need to worry.  I think this happened to be a day that hit several topics that women are into.  We're not trying to take over.  Some of us are just highly interested in gay culture. 
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