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Wednesday -- mostly soap operas

Made it to my appointment with G.C., the new president of the garden club.  She was still meeting with her executive officers.  I went to the nearby library and got some audiobooks.  Since Mom is on vacation, we're thinking of driving up to visit with some relatives who live in northern New Jersey, and Mom wanted books to hear while we were driving.  When I got back, the meeting was breaking up.  G.C. had bribed me with an offer of lunch, and had brought hoagies for us.  I'm going to be the garden club archivist, and also type up the new garden club book of programs and member contact information, as well as make a "marketing brochure" about the club for members to give to interested friends and neighbors.  It's much more in my skill set than delivering bouquets to nursing homes was, considering that the nursing homes had no off-street parking, and I have no sense of direction and am lousy at parallel parking.  I think "archivist" will be good.

Soap operas: Alles was zahlt: Deniz is still breaking my heart, and Roman is making me kind of woobie, too.  Katja fired her mother after Roman proved that Claudia was blackmailing him.  Claudia had left an obnoxious blackmail message on Roman's voicemail, and Roman let Katja hear it.  There was some comedy in Ingo's makeshift hockey team, as Keule and Marian continue to fall down whenever they try to skate.  Deniz dropped out of the hockey team, which is a pity, as he was the only one besides Florian who could actually skate.  I hope he rejoins.  Marian comforted Deniz, who thinks everybody except him knew that Roman was cheating on him.  Roman wasn't exactly subtle, but really only Annette knew, and Claudia figured it out.

Added: I realized today (Thursday) that I'd just watched part one of the clips EKP had put up that night.  I'd watched the full episode first, and understood just about all of Katja's confrontation with Claudia.  I saw Brigitte and Constanze eyeing Florian's ass as he looked at Brigitte's car, and understood that they were flirting with him.  I missed the gist of the hockey team meeting in which Florian wanted the players to auction themselves off for an evening with a lady.  One of the players used the word "callboy," too.  I don't know how I missed that one.  Aside from that, they were using a lot of words I didn't know, and Ingo was talking pretty fast.

There was no Forbidden Love today.  Nanna explained that the Germans were electing a president, which I could kind of understand would have priority over a soap opera.  I still don't see why a week's worth of episodes have already been pre-empted by soccer, but I'm not a soccer fan, and it's not that big a sport here in the U.S.  I'm watching those Tom and Olli episodes from 2001.  I haven't found any subtitled versions yet, though D.S. did translate three of them for me.  I need to see if she's back from vacation and willing to give me more German lessons/translations.  I'll have to show her some more recent episodes that confirm that the twinky Olli of then has reached maturity and is still very much into men.  For her sake, I'll try to skip past the episodes that have what someone described as "porn-quality kisses."  My understanding is that there isn't that much kissing in porn.  If that person meant "sensuous," I totally agree that Christian and Olli have shared some very sensuous kisses.  Besides, I have those clips pretty much memorized anyway.  Don't laugh, A.  I know you have them memorized, too.

As the World Turns: Reid and Luke finally sorted out that Luke isn't back with Noah, and that Reid quit because of Luke.  When Luke found out that Reid had quit for him, he quit.  At the end of the episode, there was a suggestion that kissing might follow.  Personally, I am rooting for them to have wild sex next time they're on.  I've been rooting for that for a while.

It's not like I expect AWZ sex, like with Roman right behind Deniz and biting his shoulder, while Deniz gasps; and the little moans and hisses of pleasure and the facial expressions that Roman, Deniz and Marc make when Deniz is giving Roman a blow job, or Roman is doing the same for Deniz or Marc, or Marc is doing that for Roman.

I don't even expect a Verbotene Liebe Christian and Olli kind of scene, when Christian straddles Olli's hips while taking his T-shirt off, then bends down to give Olli some of those very sensuous kisses.  Or those totally turned-on expressions Christian makes when Olli is kissing or biting his shoulder.  (Verbotene Liebe does not make it too clear what exactly Olli is doing, but it's clear that Christian really, really likes it.)

Actually, it would be nice if Reid and Luke made some turned-on expressions.  They've already had some pretty hot kisses.  I'm okay with them just having sex scenes as daring as the straight couples have, whatever level that is.  From the liveblogs I've read, it seems like some of the straight couples on As the World Turns are pretty much doing it like bunnies.  That would be fine.

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