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I spent a good part of the morning finishing up the line editing job I'd been working on last night.

After lunch, Mom and I went to the church library, where she's the volunteer librarian.  They're moving the library to a different part of the church building.  Mom had me checking the shelf list for which books needed to be added to the electronic version of the catalog.  The card catalogue had apparently been there before Mom, and she knew how to use that, but in recent years she's been entering the new books into a relatively old computer program.

Mom and Dad and I had stayed in the church library for a little while on Wednesday.  Mom had later checked which books that I'd written down from the top shelf were already in the computer program.  The majority were.  For the rest, today I matched shelf list cards from the card catalogue with books on the shelf.  There were two on the shelf that I'd written down the titles, authors and call numbers of that didn't have shelf list cards that went with them.  That took us through the shelf of 100s in the Dewey Decimal system.  Then it was time to start at 200.  I took batches of shelf list cards and matched them with books on the shelves.  I got through the rest of the shelves in that row, four more shelves.  The 200s are religion in the Dewey Decimal system, so there are a lot of books in the 200s in the church library.  I got from 200 to 229.  Mom thought that was actually pretty good progress.  We may go back tomorrow afternoon.

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