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I should go to bed soon.

Retrospectively: I know I didn't go out shopping, but I did look around the yard a little bit, at least in the few places where the snow had melted.  I put suet out for the birds.  Snowdrops were trying to come up by the water faucet in back of the house, on the right side of the "herb" garden as you're facing it.  There was another snowdrop trying where the hyacinths are, in front of the front porch.  The 'Ice Follies' daffodils' leaves in the "herb garden" were several inches high.  They're very hardy.  I've put most of the little pots of soil that I'd stuck 'Ice Follies' bulbs into out on the front porch.  I figure they'll be fine.

I'm ready to put the hardy jasmine out on the front porch once it stops snowing or raining, and the pot that formerly had the Canary Island broom in it and now has a few bulbs of Iris reticulata 'Cantab' in it.  That should be fine outdoors.  The hardy jasmine and the irises seem to be dormant now anyway.  The pot of irises has been in the garage, where it's dark and cool.  The pot of pineapple mint that I repotted is has been in the garage, too.  I think the roots are still alive.

I talked with the L.s in the early evening.  We made plans to get together on Thursday afternoon, weather permitting.

I read book 1 in a series in the afternoon, and then line edited book 2 starting in the evening and going into the early morning.  That kept me busy.

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