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my day and soap opera

I got to the secondhand bookstore about an hour and a half before closing time, and stayed until the store closed.  There had been a huge number of book donations during the day, apparently, and there were still quite a number of boxes and bags there.  I put away a box and two or three grocery bags worth of paperbacks, and a few trade paperbacks.  There was a grocery bag full of mostly category romances in the back near the romance section, so I put them away in the appropriate box.  The romance shelves were fairly full, and not in bad order.  I saw a few historical romances in with the contemporary ones, and put them in the proper places.  I'd taken a few stacks of romances off the donation table, and gotten them to the right boxes.

Not too much else going on today.  I'm supposed to meet with the new president of the garden club Wednesday afternoon.  If I remember, I said something about doing typing or editing, and the ladies had some interest in me doing that for the book that has the year's programs and all the members' addresses.

Soap opera: (*spoilers*)  Alles was zahlt: Roman finally seems to actually be feeling bad about ruining his relationship with Deniz.  Florian saw Roman crying and gave him an awkward hug.  The little Wild is so cute.  The brothers really look similar in facial structure.  Roman talked to Annette, and ran into Marc.  Roman said to Marc that he needed time to sort through things, but Deniz saw him with Marc.  Deniz was picturing Roman having sex with Marc in their bed, which was not one of the places it happened.  It would have been more accurate for him to picture Roman having sex with Marc in the men's locker room shower, and just generally in the locker room.  Still, Roman and Deniz were both feeling really bad that night, and still the next day.

Tomorrow is supposed to have Reid and Luke on As the World Turns, and, if soccer doesn't interfere, Christian and Olli back home on Verbotene Liebe.  I'm looking forward to seeing what happens with both shows.

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