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I should go to bed pretty soon.  I have an appointment for an eye exam so I can get a prescription for bifocals or progressive lenses.

Later: I had blood drawn in the morning, resulting in me feeling very bad for a while.  I lay down after breaking my fast, and woke up in time to get to my eye exam.  I also picked out frames for the new glasses.  I'll be getting bifocals.  I stopped at Buddy's Burgers, etc. for a burger and fries after the eye exam.  I stopped very briefly at the grocery store, which was busy.  I actually got a lot done, far more than I'd expected to for the day.

I texted with J. in the evening.  He and K. are mourning Morris the puggle's passing.  He was fairly elderly for a dog, but much beloved by those two.  Mom wondered if they were going to get another dog.  I didn't think they would right away, but I'm sure sooner or later they'll get another pet.

I've spent much of the rest of the evening relaxing.

  • Tuesday

    We have an appointment with the podiatrist, Dr. B., this afternoon.

  • Monday

    I should get to bed soon. I have various chores and errands to do tomorrow -- Monday during the day.

  • Sunday

    I should go to bed soon. I experimented with cooking quince. I got several tender plants ready to be moved inside.

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