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early Tuesday morning

Gays of Our Lives went up at around 12:30 a.m.  Yes, I was impatient again.  Still no interview from Dennis and Igor.  I asked last week and got no answer.  I suppose it will be up or not sooner or later.  I'd love to hear more from the guys, but who knows what the problem is with posting the interview if Anthony isn't talking.

The spoilers for the next week or so of Christian and Olli on Verbotene Liebe sounded interesting.  (*Yes, spoilers*) 

"Forbidden Love – Christian and Olli are back from their vacation in New York, happier and more in love than ever. When Robert sees that he is losing Olli, he makes an outrageous attempt to win him over. But Olli has had enough of Robert’s antics and throws him out of NoLimits, ending their partnership. Robert vows revenge and hides drugs all over the bar and notifies the police.

Rebecca is able to get the drugs before the police can find them. Determined to prove herself to her friends and make up for the trouble she’s caused, Rebecca sets a trap for Robert with his own stash. But when the plan backfires, it could cost Rebecca her life." -- Anthony Langford, Gays of Our Lives, AfterElton.

I wondered why Rebecca getting killed off would be a bad thing.  Perhaps we'll have another appearance from the actor who played Bulle on Alles Was Zahlt.  He plays criminals very well.  Most Christian and Olli fans are not fans of Rebecca.  Apparently quite a few think that the wrong woman was buried in concrete, and that it should have been Rebecca.  I guess Rebecca still has her chance.  My only concern is whether the guys get injured trying to rescue her, because they probably would try to rescue her.  Oh, and I'd like to see Rob either go to jail for a long time or get killed off.  I'm okay with him just going to jail.

At least there's one happy couple on the soap operas I'm watching.  They'll cheer me up.
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