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I should go to bed pretty soon.

Later: I got out to the birdfeeders and filled the squirrel-resistant one.  I put a little in the birdfeeder with the red top that I got from Ollie's a few years ago.  That one isn't squirrel-resistant, but the cardinals and sparrows love it, and come to that feeder the most readily.  The birds have been very lively visitors to the suet and birdfeeders in this weather.  We got 8 inches of snow and will apparently get snow showers through the night.  I used a lightweight snow shovel to test ahead of me for the footing, and to some extent to help me balance.

One of the bulb companies I ordered from on January 30th started the process of shipping some of its bulbs to me today, on February 2nd.  I had written to ask that they send the Iris reticulata and "Orienpet" lilies later on, but it seems they were still sending them out as bulbs to plant in the fall.  It's considerably past the fall.  I'll figure something out.  Containers, most likely.  

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