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very quiet again

Nothing going on except that I'm trying to stay cool.  I finished Last Chance Texaco last night.  It was the second book Brent Hartinger wrote.  I thought he really got the ambiance of a group home and the mindsets of the people in it very vividly -- not that I know too much about them, but it seemed very realistic.  In the end notes, he said he'd worked in one for a little while.  It seems like that would be a very hard job.

It's supposed to be 95 degrees out, with thunderstorms, tomorrow.  The candles are still easily accessible.  The ones I put on the kitchen table have migrated over to the dining room table, but it will be no trouble to put them back in the kitchen as needed.  When you go out in weather like this, it's the extreme humidity that really wears you down.

I'll have another editing job soon, so I'll need to read the first one in the series today.  I'd already gotten it and saved it in my to-be-read files because it looked good, but usually when I read the first couple in a series, I'll get the chance to edit or proof future ones.  It saves time if I've already read the previous books.  Then I just need to skim through them again to check for continuity -- names, particular world-building rules, established events, and so on.  This one is by Sophia Titheniel, and she writes books which are wacky but interesting.  I'm still getting over the story with the elves and bondage, and the one with the pole-dancing elf, but they certainly made an impression.

For me, at least, the books grab my interest right off, and then I just go along for the somewhat twisted ride.  She's Italian, and the books seem to me to have a very European flavor.  She's dyslexic, too, which, added to the English as a second language, makes it very interesting to proofread the stories.  You can figure out the phrases she's trying to use, or the sayings, but they're just in a different order, or worded differently.  It's a good kind of challenge, though, and the stories are fun, so I'm happy to take it on.  I'd recommend her books to a m/m romance fan, although I wouldn't recommend the Dance Wars ones as someone's very first m/m books.

I'll probably make a trip out to the grocery store this evening, to stock up on food, but aside from that, I don't have any plans to travel.  If I can possibly avoid it, I'm not going to go out during the thunderstorms.  Added: Got to the grocery store, and I now have enough food for the next few days.

I've tried last night and today to watch Friday's full episode of Alles Was Zahlt, and although I can sometimes get it to load enough to show a commercial, I can't get the show to start.  I'm hoping it's just because so many people are watching soccer, and it isn't a permanent problem.  I'd like to see the whole episode.  I'll try again tomorrow -- or, at least, I'll try between storms.
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