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I went to bed relatively early for me, I think, and then I woke up at 6:00 a.m. for no apparent reason.  I was up between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m., and then went back to sleep to get the full eight hours, broken up though it was.  I'd been talking for a while about making pancakes, and Mom thought I should do that for lunch.  However, it turned out that we were almost out of regular all-purpose flour and also low on sugar.  I suggested going to the dollar store to get enough for our purposes, but we never got around to that.  Mom didn't seem to feel ambitious about going shopping on Sunday afternoon, for some reason.

I ended up going outside a couple of hours after I broke my fast.  I figured that if it was a little after 3:00 p.m., I had around an hour and a half to work on my project of cutting back iris leaves.  It was really not a nice day, but I'd put on my big coat and my leather gauntlets.  I worked on the irises in the big pot outside the back door, near the drainpipe.  I'd wrapped hardware cloth around that pot, so the leather gauntlets were a good choice for working with that.  I didn't see the tulips I'd planted there around Thanksgiving, the red-and-white parrot tulips.  I thought I had dug up all the 'Rose of May' daffodil bulbs, but I saw the tips of daffodil leaves a little above the surface of the soil in several places.  I'd put the water permeable black garden cloth, or whatever it's called, over where I'd planted the the tulip bulbs, and pinned the cloth down with rocks.

I next worked on the 'Indian Chief' iris that's in a rectangular pot by the path to the front door, and then tackled the irises in the raised bed.  It ended up that there were quite a lot of clumps of the 'Crimson King' iris.  They weren't hard to cut back, though.  I just grabbed a fan of leaves at a time and cut.  My garden scissors were very good for that task.  I nipped a finger of the leather gauntlets, and the scissors made a little slice.  Admittedly, the leather on the hands is pretty thin.  That's all the irises that I know the location of.  I planted the irises I ordered from the American Iris Society in 2019 in the vegetable garden late in the fall, when Dad was done with it.  Then I transplanted them to various places around the yard.  A good number ended up in pots.  I know where some of the ones I ordered in 2018 are.  One is right near the Judd viburnum, 'Blue Staccato' is near the front porch, just about opposite from the front door, and I already mentioned 'Indian Chief.'

The line of 2019 irises that I left at the edge of the vegetable garden were doing better than I thought.  They had dead leaves, but when I pulled off the dead leaves, cut the live leaves back, and weeded around them, I could see that they had good-sized rhizomes.

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